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its time to BUDDY up!

The benefits of exercising with a friend

There is no denying that exercise is a good thing. It gives you an overall boost of well-being, both mentally and physically. Yet, maintaining enthusiasm can sometimes be a bit tricky for some people, what seems like a great idea now, might seem like hard work in the months to come.

But did you know that exercise with a friend of family is proven to help keep you more focused on your goals and motivated for longer. So if you are the type of person to lose track of why you started in the first place, exercising with a buddy could be just what you need. Here are some great reasons why you should exercise with a friend.

  1. Double the Fun
    Working out with a friend adds a dose of entertainment to your routine. From sharing a joke to discussing your day and cheering each other on, the workout instantly becomes more fun. It can go from something you do on you won to a social activity.

  2. Boost Your Success Rate
    Research suggests that having a fitness partner with similar goals (like weight loss) can significantly up your success rate. It gives you more incentive to keep going as you know that you are supporting your friend to reach their goal, as they are equally supporting you.

  3. Accountability Partners
    We’ve all had those days where the sofa seems more inviting than the gym. But, having a scheduled session with a friend ensures you stay on track. Not wanting to let your friend down is a powerful motivator.

  4. Push Your Limits
    A workout partner who matches your energy and enthusiasm can push you to achieve more. After all there is nothing like a bit of friendly competition.

  5. Increased Confidence
    Having a friend to try new activities with, attend different sessions or just simply give you the confidence to attend for your first session is a powerful thing. Having a friend by your side is always a good thing to give you confidence.

  6. Discover New Workouts
    Every individual brings a unique set of experiences and knowledge. Your workout partner might introduce you to a new activity, sport or technique. For example, its hard playing badminton on your own!

In conclusion, teaming up for workouts isn’t just about the fun you’ll have, it also helps you to stay motivated, on track with your goals and knowing that you are supporting each other. So, why not make your next gym session a joint effort!?