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Our unique outdoor fitness training zone.

functional training zone

Area7 is our outdoor functional training zone that promotes a full body workout. If being inside the four walls of the gym isn’t for you, then Area7 gives you the freedom to try new activities, workout in different ways and set new challenges.

This type of Functional workout can improve muscular control and accelerate weight loss, which means that it can provide a great workout for everyone whether you are new to exercise or looking for something more sport and performance focused.

You can use area7 to train on your own anytime, or join one of our small group training classes on the timetable link below. Our sessions are free for members, and also available on a pay as you go basis.

Access Area7

Fancy a drop in?

Area7 can be accessed by paying per session or free with membership


Per Visit



Olympic Weight Rack

Precision-tested with more stability than standard bars


Improve your mobility and movement in most of your body’s muscles

Weighted Sledge

Great for improving your unilateral lower body strength

Ski Erg

Offering a quality workout for strength and endurance, the Ski Erg works legs, core and arms in a smooth, continuous motion.

Kettlebells & Weighted Bags

Great equipment for strength and conditioning. Lift, carry or drag to add variety to your workout.